Keeping Tabs on Scott Brown: December 3, 2010

Last week, a newsletter reader suggested contacting Brown directly on issues of concern.  I think it’s a good idea.  His official web site is You must type this address into the URL yourself.   If you just click on it, you are directed to a campaign site. His phone # is 202 -224-4543.   To contact him by e-mail, you must go to his web site and fill out a contact form.   No e-mail address is given.

This Week’s News:

Extending Unemployment Insurance

Boston Globe: Brown will not support extension of unemployment benefits but will support tax cuts for the wealthy. In an opinion piece, Joan Vennochi blasts Brown for playing Scrooge to the middle class and Santa to the wealthy.

New York Times:  Brown tries to block extension of unemployment benefits with the Scott Brown Unemployment Compensation Funding Plan. In an opinion piece,  Gail Collins castigated Brown for complaining about having to return to Washington to vote on the new food safety legislation while complaining that the Senate was not focusing on his unemployment proposal.

New York Daily News :  Brown blocks unemployment benefits, then throws swanky party.   In a scathing article,  NY Daily News’ Michael Daly, blasted Brown for voting to prevent Congress from extending unemployment benefits “that will now run out for 2 million Americans during the holiday season.  And that is not counting their kids.  Ted Kennedy will never seem more dead than when his successor follows this monumental callousness with a big holiday bash at the Park Plaza Hotel.”   $100/person.

The Hill
:   Brown invites 26,000 to Christmas party.
Entertainment will be provided by two Massachusetts celebs:  Brown’s daughter, 2006 “American Idol” finalist Ayla Brown and former Boston College and NFL quarterback Doug Flutie who supported Brown during his campaign.

New York Times: Senate Republicans Threaten Tax Dispute Blockade.  Brown joins 41 other Republicans in ultimatum. The blunt threat was made in a letter to Harry Reid.  Republicans threatened to block any legislation until a deal is reached to extend the expiring the Bush tax cuts, potentially derailing ratification of the New Start Treat, repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, a measure to extend jobless benefits, and a food safety bill.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

The Sun Chronicle (
Attleboro, MA
):  Brown is still undecided on whether the “don’t-ask-don’t-tell”  ban on gays serving openly in the military should be repealed.

Brown’s Military Service

Chicago Sun-Times
:    Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) has resumed his Navy Reserve duty, after taking time off for his Senate election. Kirk is now one of three Senators who drill regularly in the reserves: Kirk, in the Navy; Sen. Lindsey Grahm (R-N.C.) in the Air Force and Sen.  Scott Brown in the Army.


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