Keeping Tabs on Scott Brown: December 24, 2010

It’s important for Massachusetts voters to be informed about Scott Brown’s voting record, policy positions, and political activities.  I will send out a weekly newsletter:  “Keeping Tabs on Scott Brown.” The newsletter reports only facts, does not editorialize, and provides links to additional information.  Please feel free to forward it to friends, family and other interested people.  My hope is that Massachusetts voters will have the facts about Brown so they can make an informed decision during the next election. If you want to contact Brown directly, his phone # is 202 -224-4543.  His official website is You must type this address into the URL yourself.   If you simply click it, you will be directed to a campaign site.  On his official site, you must fill out a contact form. No direct e-mail address is given.

Newsletters are posted on our website:

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Brown had previously joined Republicans earlier this week in helping block the legislation, but a major campaign–including Fox News–to get the bill approved swayed Republicans. Brown stated:  “The first responders on September 11th unselfishly risked their lives when our nation needed them the most.   Their heroic efforts should never be forgotten. I am pleased that we were able to come together and agree upon a workable solution that provides care to these brave Americans. After many months of working on this effort, I am proud to vote for this bill.”

Brown views the Dream Act as an unlawful amnesty.
His spokesperson said:  “Brown is opposed to illegal immigration and he is opposed to amnesty.  The Dream Act is back-door amnesty. Senator Brown believes reforms should be made to streamline the process for those who are seeking citizenship through the legal and proper channels.”

With Brown on Board, Momentum Building for START Treaty. After a closed Senate session to discuss classified information, Brown told reporters that he would back the treaty.

Brown votes “Yes” on START treaty. Brown joined 7 other Republicans to pass the START treaty.

Brown supports repeal of DADT. Along with 8 other Republicans, Brown voted to repeal DADT.–1/1

Brown draws ire on the right. Brown’s decision to buck his party leadership…has set off a new wave of anger among some of the activists who helped elect him — and renewed talk among conservatives that he might face a primary challenge.

CBS News says Scott Brown was the best candidate of 2010. As part of its “Washington Unplugged” year in review CBS stated:  “Brown came out of nowhere and took the country by storm.”

The Boston Herald has learned that Robert Pozen, a Democat, has been seriously talking to party insiders about challenging Brown in 2012. Pozen is a legend in the investment world who’s made many millions of dollars helping run huge financial services firms such as Fidelity and MFS Investment.

Brown’s Dilemma. Brown faces voters in 2012.  He stunned the Democrats in 2009 but this time they will see him coming.  Faced with a larger than usual number of competitive Republican candidates this past November, Massachusetts Democrats reminded everyone that they are hard to beat without the element of surprise.  Brown must take note.

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