Keeping Tabs on Scott Brown: December 31, 2010

It’s important for Massachusetts voters to be informed about Scott Brown’s voting record, policy positions, and political activities.  I will send out a weekly newsletter:   “Keeping Tabs on Scott Brown.” The newsletter reports only facts, does not editorialize, and provides links to additional information.   Please feel free to forward it to friends,  family and other interested people.   My hope is that Massachusetts voters will have the facts about Brown so they can make an informed decision during the next election.   If you want to contact Brown directly, his phone # is 202 -224-4543.  His official website is You must type this address into the URL yourself.   If you simply click it, you will be directed to a campaign site.  On his official site, you must fill out a contact form. No direct e-mail address is given.

Newsletters are posted on our website:

If you want to be removed from my e-mail list, please let me know.  Christine Ridout,

Brown and Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) will team up to tweak health care. The proposed legislation would allow states to opt out of the federal health law in 2014 instead of 2017, provided they meet minimum coverage benchmarks. The argument, Wyden said, is that the bill would give both conservatives and liberals a chance to prove their theories on how best to run health care.


Brown will start book tour in February. “Against All Odds” relates the challenges Brown faced as a young man and how he overcame them.  The book deal is in the seven figures; the tour will  jump start his 2012 campaign.

Brown’s campaign war chest. Since 2005, Brown has raised $35,000,000.00; spent $21.5m; and has $12.8 cash on hand. His top 5 contributors are:FMR Corp, Bain Capital, Affiliated Managers Group, Credit Suisse, and Las Vegas Sands.   Additional information:

Brown vulnerable in 2012. Voter turnout will be heavy in a presidential election year–heavy turnout helps the Democrats; Brown may face a challenge from the right for the nomination; Vicki Kennedy is a possible candidate.

A Tea Party challenge. “I think that there will be a primary challenge,” said Christen Varley, president of the Greater Boston Tea Party.

Will Brown turn out to be a transitional figure, a one-hit wonder remembered vaguely as that former nude Cosmo model who once snared the seemingly bluest seat in the country for Team Red? Too soon to tell.    A year-end summary of Brown’s campaign and legislative record.

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