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Scott Brown’s Activities: September 1-24, 2011

It’s important for Massachusetts voters to be informed about Scott Brown’s voting record, policy positions, and political activities.  I will send out an occasional newsletter and blog post,  “Keeping Tabs on Scott Brown.”  The newsletter reports only facts, does not editorialize, and provides links to additional information.  Please feel free to forward it to friends, family and other interested people.  My hope is that Massachusetts voters will have the facts about Brown so they can make an informed decision during the next election.   If you want to contact Brown directly, his phone # is 202 -224-4543.  His official website is    You must type this address into the URL yourself.   If you simply click it, you will be directed to a campaign site.  On his official site, you must fill out a contact form.  No direct e-mail address is given.

If you would like to receive the newsletter directly in your e-mail, send me your e-mail address.
Christine Ridout,

Editorial Note:  Some Things Don’t Change.  As I noted previously, the news about Brown relates overwhelmingly to the politics of the 2012 election:  how much money he has raised, his standing in the polls,  potential Democratic challengers.  He has done little that is substantive in any direction, conservative, liberal or moderate.  Now, with Elizabeth Warren entering the race, the focus on politics has heightened even more.


Elizabeth Warren enters the race.  To view Warren’s announcement, go to

Warren passes Brown in polls, 46%-44%.

Warren’s name recognition surges from 38% to 62%.

Bad news for Brown.

Brown’s secret campaign weapons.

Boston Globe Editorial:  Senate race shapes up as a test of vision.


Brown faults Obama on debt plan to tax the rich.

Brown endorses extension of payroll tax.


Brown defends gay rights record.


Brown says Massachusetts needs illegal immigrant check.  Brown calls for immediate participation in the federal program that checks the immigration status of those arrested.



I received the following e-mail from Brown’s campaign:
2012 is a critical year to ensure our values and principles are well represented in the US Senate to reduce spending, lower taxes, and fight for small business.
The political machines in both Washington, DC and Beacon Hill are targeting Scott Brown because they believe they are entitled to this seat, and they want it back. You and I both know that this seat belongs to no one but the people of Massachusetts.
Show your support for the “People’s Seat” to help reelect Scott Brown in 2012 by donating to receive the following item(s):
People’s Seat Cushions:
Autographed Baseballs
Autographed Footballs
Scott Brown Bobbleheads
Bumper Sticker
Autographed, Limited Edition, Baseball Bat
Brown Value Pack

2012 is NOT the year to sit on the sidelines, Scott Brown needs you on the ‘field’ actively supporting his reelection bid to fight back against the political machine which has already spent over $2 Million against Scott in negative attack ads.

Thanks for your support – and thank you for SHOWING your support publicly for Scott Brown with some of our store items.
To Victory,
Kirsten Hughes
Deputy Finance Director
Scott Brown for US Senate

P.S.  Our store items are also great gifts for friends and family that are fellow supporters of Scott – surprise them with one of these items right now.


I also received this e-mail from Ayla Brown, Brown’s daughter:

I wanted to let you know that my dad is turning 52 today.  Typically, our family would celebrate our dad’s birthday around the kitchen table with cake & candles in Wrentham, MA.
These days, it’s hard to find time for us to get together.  My dad is consumed with his job fighting for more jobs, lower taxes, less spending, and a better economic climate.
While I can’t spend this evening with my dad,  I do want to give him him a call and let him know about this email.  I want to tell him about your $52 donation to help him in his reelection battle in 2012.
Will you donate $52 right now to tell my dad to keep fighting (even though he’s becoming an old man)?

Ayla Brown


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