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Scott Brown’s Activities: November1-December 9, 2011

It’s important for Massachusetts voters to be informed about Scott Brown’s voting record, policy positions, and political activities.  I will send out an occasional newsletter and blog post,  “Keeping Tabs on Scott Brown.”  The newsletter reports only facts, does not editorialize, and provides links to additional information.  Please feel free to forward it to friends, family and other interested people.  My hope is that Massachusetts voters will have the facts about Brown so they can make an informed decision during the next election.   If you want to contact Brown directly, his phone # is 202 -224-4543.  His official website is    You must type this address into the URL yourself.   If you simply click it, you will be directed to a campaign site.  On his official site, you must fill out a contact form.  No direct e-mail address is given.

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Elizabeth Warren soars 7 points over Brown in poll.

Brown supports payroll tax cut but disagrees with surcharge on rich to pay for the cut.

Brown supports Cordray in fight over who will head the Consumer Financial Protection Board.  Republicans using the fight over Cordray to modify law on CFPB.

Brown Held Bank of America Stock While Advocating For Big Banks.  Brown positioned himself as a clean-government advocate, co-sponsoring the STOCK Act, which is designed to halt insider trading-like activity by members of Congress.   But Brown’s financial disclosure records show that he has been a large investor in Bank of America, GE and Exxon-Mobil throughout his time in the Senate — even as he secured lucrative legislative protections for the nation’s biggest banks, trading houses and oil companies.

Wall Street Rallies for Brown.  The message has ricocheted around the financial world in recent weeks: Elizabeth Warren is a big government liberal while Brown is a a free-market advocate.

Massachusetts Democrats use gridlock on the Super Committee as an opening to drive a wedge between Brown and the GOP’s leading anti-tax activist Grover Norquist.

A Massachusetts-based super PAC organized by unions and Democratic veterans launched its first two ads of the cycle against Brown. Rethink PAC’s effort is dubbed Rethink Scott Brown and features two online ads targeting the freshman senator.  The anti-Brown ads can be seen at


Brown Backs Aid For The Employed A Year After Blocking Help For Unemployed.  Brown declared that he favors extending a payroll tax cut without finding a way to make up for the lost revenue.  Last year, he opposed extending unemployment benefits unless Congress offset the $56 billion cost.

Elizabeth Warren  blasts Brown for protecting the wealthy at the expense of the middle class by voting against President Obama’s jobs bill.


Brown Opposes NRA-Backed Legislation.  Brown opposes a bill that would require states that allow concealed carrying of guns to recognize each other’s permits.


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